Edmonton Care Plus clininc purpose is to provide walk-in healthcare services for both routine and urgent medical needs, along with an on-site pharmacy. Having all services under one roof makes it easy and accessible to all.

Care Plus Clinic is unique by its outstanding professionalism of its medical and administrative staff. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to providing outstanding services and care to all those we serve, while utilizing the most advanced diagnostic and treatment services available for our patients. Our goal is to operate on a level with the highest efficiency, quality and effectiveness. Aside from our committed staff, we have a special approach to how we serve each of our patients.

We support a patient-friendly approach to healthcare, which means educating our patients about the importance of taking charge of their health and reducing the impact of their illnesses.

Today, patients’ health is still our highest value and concern. Taking care of the most important, we follow our main principles: highest standards of medical services, highest quality and reliability of medical care, honesty and openness towards our patients. So feel free to contact us by clicking the bottom button